Personal Car Shopper Guidelines

Behind the scenes on a used car lot…

The typical used and/or new car dealer marks up each vehicle $3,000 – $4,000 above his total cost. Most of the vehicles sold on dealers lots are purchased at wholesale auctions and are off lease vehicles or dealer trades. Every dealer has expenses involved in each vehicle. Typical expenses include dealer auction fees, transportation charges, administrative charges, and reconditioning and repair charges.

Most dealers before putting a vehicle out for retail sale, thoroughly clean the interior and completely buff and wax the exterior. Your above average dealers will also mechanically inspect the vehicle. It is not unusual for an above average used and/or new car dealer to spend between $300 – $900 on reconditioning and repairing a vehicle. Vehicle reconditioning and repairs could include repainting a fender or bumper, changing the oil, new tires, new brakes, resetting and investigating why a check engine light is on, and much more.

What you can expect from us…..

When we receive your phone call or Personal Car Shopper Request Form, we will keep in contact with you and inform you of what vehicle are upcoming at the wholesale auctions and what prices they have been sold for. We will charge you a Flat Finders Fee of $900 over our cost. Our cost includes the price we paid for the vehicle purchased form the auction, plus the cost of the dealer wholesale auction fees ($150-$350), plus transportation expenses ($50-$300), plus $30 administration fees.

We will do a light interior clean and an exterior hand wax before you pick up your vehicle. We will also do a 27 point inspection. We will make a list of what items are in need of repair or service and the condition other items such as tires and brakes are in. YOU will decide what repairs you want done and we will complete these repairs and any paint work at a discounted rate. The repairs will be billed separately from the price of your car.

Our Warranty….

Vehicles purchased through Sam’s Auto Sales carry the manufacturer’s warranty.

10 Questions to ask before buying …

Whether you purchase from us or someone else make sure you ask these 10 questions before purchasing a vehicle.

  • Do you have a reconditioning policy?
  • Do you use a mechanic who is ASE Certified?
  • Do you have a Carfax Report available for this vehicle?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • What warranty comes with the vehicle?
  • Are you a member of any associations?
  • Do you have the title for the vehicle?
  • What is the total price I’ll be charged for the vehicle? – Watch out for hidden finance charges, credit life disability, etc.
  • Can you show me the Federal Buyer’s Guide is on this vehicle?
  • Would it be possible to take this vehicle to my mechanic so he can look it over?

And remember – Dealers who use gimmicks such as “Minimum Trade”, Push/Pull/Drag It In,” “No Payments for 90 Days,” “Free Stuff” could possibly not be offering anything at all and actually may be charging you for it, don’t forget – the total price!

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Personal Car Shopper

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