27 Point Check


Below are a list of items we check when we receive the car from the wholesale auction.

Tire Wear – Condition Front

Tire Wear – Condition Rear and Spare

Drive Shaft Joint Boots

Condition of Struts

Condition of Rear Shock Absorbers

Condition of Front Brakes

Condition of Rear Brakes

Brake Hydraulic System

Emergency Brake Adjustment

Clutch Adjustment

Clutch Hydraulic System

Condition of Muffler and Exhaust Pipes

Condition of Radiator Coolant

Condition of Heater and Radiator Hoses

Condition of Battery and Cables

Condition of Spark Plugs and Wires

Condition of Air and Fuel Filter

Condition of Wiper Blades

Heater & Air Conditioner Operation

Restraint System – Seat Belts Checked

Head Light Operation and Horn Operation

Stop, Tail, Turn Signal, Back-up, & Hazard Lights

Engine, Power Steering, & Transmission Oil

Condition of Drive Belts

Air Conditioning, Power Steering, and Alternator Pulley Noise

Interior Functions and Control Operation

Other Items we may have noticed