Sams Auto Sales

Personal Car Shoppers…

After 21 years in business with a large retail lot, most of our customers and referral customers came to know us and began to specifically ask us to find them a certain type of used vehicle.  Our retail lot starting turning into Sam’s Auto Sales being a car shopper by request.  Being a Personal Car Shopper happened more frequently so we sold the big retail lot we had in the city and moved back to our roots in the country to better assist you with your requests.

Sam’s Auto Sales now specializes in becoming “Your Personal Car Shopper”.  We enjoy getting you the automobile you want for a reasonable flat finder’s fee. This is what we do best, finding a used vehicle at the auction and delivering it to your front door!  You can fill out Sam’s Auto Sales Personal Car Shopper Form and we can begin looking for your next car today!

Paint & Body Work…….

Sam’s Auto Sales has been doing paint and body work for over 20 years.  We started doing work on our own vehicles, touching up bumpers, door dings,
and paint chips on hoods so we could get them looking good to sell.  Somewhere during that time, we went from doing our own work to handling Collision Repairs.  Doing Collision Repairs just sort of happened as friends and customers  started  brining their cars to us. We often would repaint a bumper or repair the car they purchased from us if they were in a minor car accident. Having a friend who owns Hydroplane Boats, also gave us experience in repainting one of his Hydroplane Boats. Whatever your paint and body work needs are, we can handle them from Collision to Restoration!

Thank You for Your Continued Support for over 25 Years!

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